Ethical sourcing

As a major player in the industry, we recognise the moral duty we owe our customers, employees and stakeholders, and we have put in place strict measures to ensure and maintain compliance with global industry standards. We continue to partner with trusted industry leaders in our procurement and manufacturing operations and we are persistent in working towards progressive methods of sustainability to ensure long-term positive impact and transparency in everything that we do.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Botswana, completed in 2019, underscores our commitment to secure alternative sources of ethically mined gemstones and invest in the communities where we work. Mohit Diamonds’ engagement in Botswana is timely, serving as an avenue for skills transfer and local employment creation. Key activities such as cutting and polishing help to foster economic diversification, the kind we at Mohit Diamonds are proud to back. By creating employment opportunities and bringing in new sources of revenue, we are committed to help improve livelihoods and empower the local communities where we work.

“Our aim, as one of the front-runners, setting up operations in Botswana, a thriving African nation with diamonds central to its development, was two-fold. Making important strides to leverage the benefit of its diamond reserve was unquestionably at the core of our intuition, but simultaneously being able to transfer the skill sets, while accelerating social development in Botswana, taking both our business and the country’s economy to new heights, was something particularly luring to me personally.” Mohit Mehta