Meeting the highest standards

At Mohit Diamonds we partner with established niche manufacturers who share our passion for quality and exceptional craftmanship to produce intricate and exquisite contemporary jewellery that meets the highest standards required for international markets.

From design to product

At Mohit Diamonds, ideas become reality all under one roof. We take pride in our expertise which combines advanced technology with the unmatched skill and experience of our artisans to design and create unique custom-made jewellery for our clients.

Our highly evolved process of product development enables our team to work with you at every stage, demonstrating our commitment to deliver high-quality solutions quickly and efficiently anywhere from concept to finished product.

We offer:
  • Design and concept development
  • Materials selection/procurement
  • Model/sample creation
  • Quality control

Custom manufacturing

At Mohit Diamonds, we guarantee efficiency and speed in the way we serve our customers. We work with established brands big and small, niche jewellery retailers and emerging designers, offering them comprehensive manufacturing solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

We offer:
  • Lean and flexible manufacturing
  • No minimum orders
  • Large-scale manufacturing
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Fast delivery

Bespoke Jewellery

We provide an exclusive high-end service for private clients in search of exceptional solitaire diamonds or one-of-a-kind jewellery creations. Our skilled artisans work with materials of the highest quality including rose cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls to craft exquisite and unique pieces personalised to every client’s taste.